BlackSalt Productions

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"Seeing him on stage was amazing...but THAT.... that blew me away.  He'd be one scary guy if he ever decides to go bad."  - Corporate spectator after experiencing Michael BlackSalt up close.

Up close and personal

Braking the ice...

Nothing breaks the ice like setting a professional entertainer loose on your crowd.  

Michael's style easily draws in everyone he meets from the CEO to Aunt Molly; even the shy and the skeptical.  The magic is mystifying and hilarious, the mind reading is so real you'll be sure he knows your pin number or darkest secrets.

Is it all in your mind?

But what's the point?

Michael isn't a "look-at-me ... ain' t I special" kind of performer.  He stylizes each close-up routine so that the person involved is left feeling very special; even powerful!

Plus... now your guests have even more to talk about as they share a common experience; wondering if what they witnessed was real ... and if not ... "how the heck did he do that?"

This ain't no card trick lady!

Close-up performances are...

a wonderful addition to a stage show or on their own:

  • Hospitality Suite
  • Cocktail Hour strolling among your guests
  • Spouse Social
  • After Dinner Mingle
  • After Performance Mingle